About Us

Cliff and Wendi were married in 2000 and had every hope of rearing a house full of children.  However, God had other plans.  After enduring a miscarriage, followed by years of medically unexplained infertility, God opened the doors to the amazing world of adoption.  We are blessed to be called “Mom and Dad” by two amazing children, via the miracle of adoption.

We’ve been privileged to have a relationship with various individuals in the birth families of both of our children.

We’ve also been able to walk the difficult road of miscarriage, infertility and adoption with many hurting people.  We desire nothing more than to be a resource for others who may find themselves in these seemingly uncharted waters.

Our desire is to Connect with, Encourage and help Restore those who find themselves MIA…there is Hope!

What About You?

Maybe you currently find yourself in challenging times, facing loss, infertility, an unexpected pregnancy, or maybe you’re considering adoption. Maybe you’ve been on this road and no one else even knows. Maybe you’ve held on to unrelenting pain for a long time and just want someone to lean on. Maybe you have never given a thought to the plight of those around you going through difficult times related to miscarriage, infertility, adoption/foster care journey or other related situations.  Hopefully, our story has opened your heart and mind to be willing to love others and walk with them, even thru their most difficult hours.​

While we want to be advocates for those struggling with loss and infertility, a major focus for M.I.A.2Hope will be in the area of adoption.

If we can encourage you, listen to you, pray with you or simply be a friend, please let us know.  We would be honored to serve you!

Much love and many prayers,

Cliff and Wendi

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