-Applications for The HOPE Grant can be requested via email ( during the months of July and August (ONLY) each year.  

-Completed applications MUST be received, via US Mail, NLT August 31st each year

-Applications will be reviewed by our board during the month of September and distributions will be completed during the month of October each year.

*All details can be found on the actual application.*

The HOPE Grant has been established to help off-set the myriad of expenses associated with the adoption process.

The application notes all of the qualifications for applying for this grant, as well as instructions on how to properly and completely fill out the application.

Please note – this grant is only able to be maintained by the generosity of our donors.   If you would like to donate or know someone else that may, please share our site with them.  Tax exempt donations can easily be made via the “Donation” tab.  Other fundraising options are in use and can be seen on our Facebook Page.

Know of someone (business, family, friend or ministry) that might want to help?  Please download our 1 page donor summary sheet located at the bottom of our home page and share as you see fit.

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